Despite its small population, Hungary has many amazing hidden talents whose creative ideas can even conquer a milieu like Hollywood. Just like in the case of a Hungarian boy coming from Fülöbjakab whose herbal cosmetic products have already fascinated Hollywood stars such as Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz.

Boldizsár Koronczay recognised the curative effect of herbs at an early age. As a child, he was diagnosed with leukaemia due to which he had to spend several hard years in a hospital where he got adult doses of chemotherapy treatment. During this time, his family nurtured him with herbal therapy and biodynamic food. Fortunately, he managed to recover from the life-threatening illness successfully. At the age of 16, Boldizsár realised that his dream of being a pilot could not be carried out due to some ophthalmological problems, as a result of which he decided to become a cosmetician, just like his mother and grandmother.


The mortal disease changed Boldizsár’s view of life forever. He feels grateful for everything, wants to change the world and adorn others’ life which has become his professional philosophy as well.

He was completing his cosmetic traineeship at a thermal hotel when he met a Canadian woman who offered him a job opportunity in Vancouver. This is how his world-changing story started. After several years of hard work, he created his own brand, named as Éminence. Only natural, biocosmetic products are developed by the brand which has already conquered half of Hollywood; however, in Hungary, it is not known yet.

Hungarian cosmetics in Hollywood Chris Hemsworth Éminence

In Vancouver, he met Meghan Markle who was completely amazed by Boldizsár’s products. Since then several Hollywood stars such as the greatest fan of Budapest, Jennifer Lawrence, along with Katherine Heigl, Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth are already fans of Éminence.

As describes, the original demonstration farm in Fülöpjakab is preserved; however, beauty herbs are grown all over the world, including different parts of Hungary as well. For example, in Budapest, the products can be found in the Aria Hotel.

Hungarian cosmetics in Hollywood Éminence

Boldizsár and his professional cosmetic company participate in several charitable initiatives; the foundation produces biofood for diseased children, for example, at Tűzoltó street children’s clinic.

In addition to this noble initiative, the product family also supports Forest For Future programme by which several million trees are planted worldwide.

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