shooting in italy

According to, the police of Bologna published the footage of a man gunning down a publican in the Italian town of Budrio. The man is called Norbert Fehér, he is a Serbian citizen but is of Hungarian origin.

The criminal born in Szabadka was searched for by the Serbian police. He was wanted for robbery and rape. He fled to Italy, where he mainly robbed vacation houses. Last April he decided to rob a pub in Budrio with a shotgun. But the publican took the gun away from him and tried to beat him.

In the heat of the scrummage, Norbert Fehér got out his pistol and shot the man down before the very eyes of his wife (not seen on the footage).

The man, also known as Igor (sobriquet), escaped after the incident. He tried to find shelter in abandoned houses located in a swampy area. He probably lived on berries, fruits, eggs found in nature. A real manhunt was launched to catch him; a thousand commandos chased him.

A week later, on the 8th of April, he killed a volunteer conservationist. The 62-years-old victim, Valerio Verri tried to hold him up with his colleague at a check-point found between Marmorta and Moline in Bologna. Fehér also injured the colleague of Verri, but fortunately, he survived.

He was finally caught in Spain in the middle of December. The arresting was followed by a gunfight, in which three people died: two police officers and a civilian.

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