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This is not the first time the Hungarian Day is organized by the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) in Malawi. Volunteer physicians travelled to the African country to help orphan children, says Világszám.

At the Hungarian Day, children received presents from the volunteers for which they expressed their gratitude with dancing and other performances. Doctors brought presents for six children who had their birthday that day.

The volunteers of Food Angels Hungary Foundation (Segítő Angyalok Alapítvány) made goulash from 50 kilograms of beef outside the yard of the Jacaranda School for Orphans so that everybody could fill their stomachs, even the guests of honour from the government could taste it. The Hungarian doctors also gave the foundation assistance after surgery.

Doctors were there to ease severe health problems. It clearly shows their dedication that they started working early at the Hungarian Day, they have already been through two surgeries in the morning. As dental health is a critical factor as well

they gave children 500 toothbrushes and toothpastes,

who were surprised at first, but quickly learned how to use it. These physicians took part in the charity program, courtesy of the African Hungarian Union (AHU) and the Food Angels Hungary Foundation.

Hungarians frequently take part in fundraising and charity events. See more here and here. Want to learn more about the AHU? Click here.

Source: Világszá

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