soros reports that this year, the Human Rights Award of the Tonhalle Düsseldorf is given to George Soros, philanthropist. Every year, the award, founded in 2016 by Ádám Fischer, chief conductor of the Düsseldorf Symphony, is given to an association or a person who has done a lot in the field of human rights and freedom.

The award, founded by Ádám Fischer, was first given to the Doctors Without Borders, humanitarian medical organisation, while this year, George Soros merited the title. However, he donated the money received with this award to the Hungarian Igazgyöngy Alapítvány (Real Pearl Foundation).

This is a non-governmental organisation that has been trying to fight against inequality and develop the communities in one of the most underprivileged regions of Hungary. They support families in need, deal with crisis management and offer scholarship programmes for youngsters. As the director of the foundation, Nóra Ritók L. posted after the award ceremony on her facebook page:

“We were in Düsseldorf, in the Tonhalle, where a fantastic concert conducted by Ádám Fischer, accompanied the Human Rights Award ceremony. This award is annually judged to an association or a person who has done a lot for human rights. This year, this prize together with 3 million forints (10,000 euros) goes to George Soros who decided to donate it to the Real Pearl Foundation. It is a great honour for us since out of the many foundations operating in the world, he chose us. We are going to devote this sum, similarly to all the other financial support we have been given throughout the years, to the fight against child poverty. We are really thankful for this generous donation and for the invitation of the directors of the Tonhalle and the city of Düsseldorf.”

concert award
At the award ceremony/facebook/L. Ritók Nóra/

George Soros, according to the site, proved with this award that despite the attacks on him by political institutions, he is going to continue his philanthropic activities and support the Hungarian civil society.

As emphasises, the propaganda that represents Soros as the head of an international conspiracy supporting the welcome of immigrants into the country seems to be effective, but this award conveys an important message: “Soros’ dedication and commitment are exemplary.”

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  1. Let me guess who had paid for his ‘award’? I’m sure that this organization has something to do with Schwartz György or not?

  2. This a scam and a joke surely. I don’t know about winning an award, Soros deserves a red hot pipe ramming up his backside.

  3. George Soros the destroyer of Western civilisation gets a human rights award. What a terrible joke!

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