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‘Soros network’ continues attacking Hungary, says Fidesz MP

‘Soros network’ continues attacking Hungary, says Fidesz MP

The “network” of US billionaire George Soros will continue to attack Hungary even in 2018, with operations in the country, as well as in Brussels and in the United States, a lawmaker of ruling Fidesz said on Sunday. 

“The Soros network” will attempt to meddle in the election campaign with the “clear purpose of removing the Orbán government,” Gyula Budai told a press conference.

He referred to “a report drafted by Soros-sponsored US Democratic senators denouncing Hungary”, the “anti-Hungary debate in Brussels”, the recent visit to Budapest by green MEP Judith Sargentini, who is preparing a report on rule of law in Hungary, and “a pro-migrant conference hosted by the [Budapest CEU] Soros university” as operations directed by Soros.

Budai said representatives of the “Soros network” had also been present at this week’s court hearing of the case of Ahmed H, a Syrian national convicted under terrorism charges in connection with a mass disturbance at the Röszke border crossing in 2015.

The lawmaker urged government measures to prevent the activities of “the Soros network”.

Source: MTI



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