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The European Commission’s decision to launch Article 7.1 procedure against Poland over its judicial reforms is “unprecedented and astounding”, Zsolt Semjén, Hungary’s deputy prime minister said, adding that Hungary may veto it.

The decision seriously violates Poland’s sovereignty. It is unacceptable that Brussels is exerting pressure on sovereign member states and arbitrarily punishing democratically elected governments, he said.

Semjén called it unjust that the Commission fails to take steps when certain European member states violate the European treaties, then launches “politically motivated procedures” against the Polish government.

This is a typical case of double standards. What the European Commission is doing now runs totally counter to European values, he said.

“The Polish-Hungarian friendship and the Hungarian government’s commitment to treaties obliges us to step up against the Commission’s move in all forums,” Semjén said.

Asked by MTI if this could mean that Hungary would veto the proposed decision against Poland, the deputy prime minister said yes.

Commenting on the EC decision, Fidesz press chief Balázs Hídvéghi called the EC decision a proof for Brussels’ efforts to punish the countries that oppose the settlement of migrants in Europe and the mandatory resettlement quota scheme. Hungary rejects the EU’s way of using legal procedures for exerting political pressure, he said adding that Hungary will defend Poland and stand by the will of the Hungarian people who have refused the “Soros plan”.

Source: MTI

  1. Poland furious at Timmermans – Nuclear option is political. The European Commission has carried out a politically motivated attack on Poland. That is what the Polish Government says in response to the Article 7 procedure that the Commission wants to start against the government. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki responded to Twitter on 20.12.2017 to the Brussels sanctions. Poland is as committed to the rule of law as all other EU countries. Poland also regrets the start of the Article 7 procedure and stresses that this is not a legal decision, but a political one, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The use of this ‘nuclear option’ has not previously occurred in the history of the European Union. In the worst case scenario Poland, as a Member State, could lose its voting rights. On 20.12.2017, the 27 other Member States received a letter from the European Commission stating that the planned reforms of the Polish legal system could jeopardize the rule of law in Poland. EU is often flexible. Why not with Poland?
    We do this for the Polish people. Over the past 2 years, the Polish government has filed a number of laws – 13 in all – that jeopardize the independence of the judiciary, says Vice-President of the European Commission (Clown) Frans Timmermans on Wednesday in Brussels. This raises questions about the application of European law. Timmermans emphasizes that he takes the measures for the population: We do this for the Polish citizens. Did the Polish people ask this clown to take action? The Polish president, Andrzej Duda, announces that he has put his signature under the legislative changes. A previous attempt to reform the rule of law prevented Duda from pronouncing his veto in August 2017. Now that is not the case.
    The Romanian President Klaus Iohannis warned that Romania could also fall prey to sanctions from Brussels. Politico reports that. The Romanian parliament is also working on reforming the legal system and, according to Iohannis, this can lead to serious consequences. If someone thinks that the legal system can be tinkered without any consequences, then the person lives on the moon, says Iohannis.
    I wish all of you a merry and peaceful Christmas!

  2. Timmermans’ punishment for Poland is paternalistic
    The Brussels punitive measure testifies the Polish voter as if they themselves were unable to determine what is good for them. Timmermans’ action will also stimulate the growing Polish revulsion against the EU rather than removing it. On 20.12.2017, Frans Timmermans (the Clown) sent all 27 Member States of the European Union a letter announcing that Article 7 is being launched, with which Poland can finally be deprived of the right to vote. According to Timmermans this ‘nuclear option’ is necessary because the Polish government has adopted 13 laws in recent years that would endanger the rule of law.
    The Poles did not want to listen and so Timmermans obviously could not do otherwise. After all, if you threaten a criminal procedure, you must also be prepared to use that heavy resource in the end. Timmermans had often threatened, but the Poles did not want to listen. Timmermans said on 20.12.2017 that he hopes that the Poles ‘still come to repentance’. Well, that chance does not seem big. The Polish government, like Timmermans, knows very well that Hungary will veto the Polish vote. So why would the government in Warsaw suddenly bind up? Considered so, it is only a foolish action by Timmermans. In terms of content he does have a point: the grip of the Polish government party PiS on media and jurisprudence, as in Hungary, does indeed create disturbing forms. And let us not forget the situation in the Netherlands, especially where the press is unacceptably in the grip of the left-wing. But the ‘Brussel’ punishment testifies to fool the Poles, as if they themselves are not able to determine what is good for them. ‘We’ do this for the Poles. For the (stupid) Polish citizens, Timmermans spoke paternally.
    Growing revulsion against Brussels. But democracy has not yet been abolished in Poland. For the Polish citizens Timmermans apparently has the best solution, but in the first place it helped this government to a large majority. And secondly, those Polish citizens have the opportunity to vote away from this government themselves in the next elections if they also find the developments in their country so bad. Timmerman’s stupid action will also stimulate the growing revulsion against the European Commission (Politburo in Brussels) rather than take it away. There is a split among the Member States – a camp before Poland and a camp against Poland – again. It is interesting to know that the Polish general Bem helped Hungary in their resistance against Russia and that this has evolved to a close bond between these countries. Mr. Timmermans has started an action that is very similar to the Japanese kamikaze, where brave pilots have crashed on the American fleet with their planes.

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