WWII has always been a historical event inspiring many video games, movies and books alike, but not that many of them revolved around Hungary, especially not the Siege of Budapest. This will change now.

According to Esport 1, Hungarian gamers have been lobbying for an Assassin’s Creed game – which are famous for rethinking historical events and depicting their locations quite accurately and beautifully – that is set in Hungary, especially around the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Although that might never happen, an ambitious Hungarian man started to develop a WWII videogame all by himself.  

The developer nicknamed Artur embarked upon an ambitious plan back in 2011.

He wants to develop a full-fledged game showing the events that took place during the 1944-45 Siege of Budapest. His tireless work is unbelievable. Since 2018, he has been posting updates about the game on his Facebook page and recently, he published the first video showing one of the maps of the game.


According to Leet, the game should receive more attention than it gets as it is extremely rich in detail, and a lot of research went into making the game as historically accurate as possible. In another project, gamers rebuilt Budapest, Hungary’s capital in Minecraft.

Artur designed the game around one of the darkest and most trying times the Hungarian capital has faced in its history. He utilises the Unreal Engine to resurrect the historical Budapest as it was over 76 years ago.

Aside from being extremely accurate, it is also beautiful, especially if you consider that it is the tireless work of a single developer.

The video he recently shared is supposed to be the first part of a series, a developer diary to be more precise. In this particular video, he shows one of the game’s maps, the Népszínháznegyed (Folk theatre district). In the video, you can also see

many characteristic buildings and streets, such as the Magyar Művelődés Háza, which is now the Erkel Theatre, the former Tisza Kálmán square, which is the II. János Pál pápa square today, and the Bezerédj street.

If you are interested in how the game’s development is going, you can join the game’s dedicated Facebook page where you can see more pictures, or subscribe to the channel on which he posted the video. We hope that the game will be ready soon and more people will know about this historical period of Hungary and the hardships of WWII in general.

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Source: Esport1.hu, Leet.hu

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  1. My father wrote on a piece of paper sent to our mother in Réfülöp were we were safe in our Grandparent Villa. Our father was standing on the Vár looking out at the Siege of Budapest on Dec. 22, 1944.
    He wrote:
    Minden Misén értük imádkoznak, harangoznak-
    emlékeznek- Mindenhol fekete zászlók-
    biztos elmegy a híre. Nem tudjuk még azt sem-
    mennyi halott van–
    tankkal taposták a tömeget.
    Nem kell izgulni- nem terjed át,
    Máshol már nem lesz vérengzés- ennek is vége lesz,
    Nem tarthat soka—

    –They pray for us at every Mass,
           they ring the bells – 
                they think of us –

    There are black flags everywhere –
           for sure the news will spread.

    We do not know –
          how many have died, 
             they ran over the crowd with tanks.

    There is no need to worry-
           it will not spread,

    There will be no bloodshed elsewhere-
          there will be an end,

    It cannot last long-

    1944, Dec. 22 FRED TARNAY
    from the ook Freedom, Love, Gold.: Amazon books.
    The story of saving the Treasures of Hungary. WWII.

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