writes that AHU’s missionary medical team has safely landed in the city of Blantyre last Saturday. The team includes two doctors: Anna Jakkel, Edina Pálinkás and a coordinator, Dorka Horváth.

After an almost 24 hour-long flight they were quite tired, but had some time and liking for sightseeing on their way to HTCC Malawi house.

Anna Jakkel is an experienced missionary; Malawi is the 5th country she visits. Poverty-stricken environment and beautifully blooming jacaranda trees are not new to her. On the other hand, Edina and Dorka were amazed by the country and took dozens of photos. The team stopped at St. Michael’s Church which is one of the oldest churches in Malawi.

According to their plan, Sunday was a day of relaxation. On Monday they visited the local clinics and the central hospital of Blantyre. From Tuesday, they start the screening of 350 students of the Jacaranda School for Orphans which is one of HTCC’s partners. When they finish there, they start their way to countryside clinics where there is a big need for them since they don’t have trained doctors.

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translated by Alexandra Beni


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