Attila Gáspár, Zita Bagdi and Zsófia Kapi have visited children in the King David Primary School in Kapeke, Uganda, through the African-Hungarian Union, to help children in a disadvantaged area, writes. The first child was Peter, whose infected foot was cleaned and tended by the doctors, and got candies for being brave and enduring the painful process without a sound.

Countless children stood in line to be cured by the doctors, who cleaned the wounds, prescribed medication, tended children with malaria and high fever, diagnosed asthma and heart diseases.

The doctors were warmly welcomed in the school, because the nearest hospital is 60 km away, and many people die if they suffer a minor injury as there are no doctors and medications to cure the patients.

People in the area are extremely poor, and education is the only way for getting a better life. No one is complaining for having to go to school; the number of children is high in Uganda, schooling costs a lot, Peter and Hungarian doctors in Kapeke, Ugandaand many have no access to any kind of education.

The school building in Kapeke is plain, there are no interactive boards but painted wooden panels and benches; even so, children are eager to learn, and are not affected by the lack of modern equipment at all.

The delegation also brought balls, puzzles, pencils, schoolbags, and toiletries, but food donations were more important than anything else. People are always short on food in the region; cornflour, sugar, and rice are essentials.

This was the fourth delegation sent by the African-Hungarian Union (AHU), to improve the health of the locals. Based on their findings, the AHU and the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Centel (HTCC) are determined to build a healthcare centre in Kapeke. There are 10 doctors for 1 million people in the region, there are not enough trained professional, no proper institutional background, and they are short on equipments.


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