To explore business opportunities between the two countries, the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTTC) sent a business delegation to Kampala, capital of Uganda. The delegation, led by Miklós Seszták,Minister of National Development of Hungary, participated in a business forum together with government and business representatives of Uganda. Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of National Development of Uganda was also present at the meeting, reports

“It’s a joy and honour to be here with you” – said Miklós Seszták in Swahili in his introductory speech. This delegation provides a great opportunity to continue the work that began with the foundation of the Hungarian – Uganda Business Council. It is worth concentrating on the agricultural sector as it has a high priority for both countries, said Seszták. The goal of the Southern opening strategy is to build a more intensive business relationship based on mutual cooperationwith the Sub-Saharan region’s countries.

Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of National Development of Uganda, highlighted the economic and agricultural opportunities this business forum has; Uganda offers political stability, government funds, and beneficial bureaucratic background to Hungarian investors. The presence of Helios Agro Ltd. is a great example of agricultural cooperation. In his welcome speech Sándor Balogh, president of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU), emphasized that the growing middle class with its potential customers offers great opportunities to foreign investors. The African continent is going to be the global economy’s engine, Balogh added. The business forum provided a great chance for businessmen to form personal relations which can contribute to further developments.

Ákos Szatmári, HTTC’s Director of Business Development, told that the international experience and extended local network the Ugandan Trade and Cultural Center has will be useful for Hungarian entrepreneurs. The speeches and presentations of the business forum greatly represented the Ugandan government’s and the business’ attitude towards foreign investors. There’s indeed a demand for industries that HTTC thinks of as rival industries, such as agricultural management, environmental protection, investment in infrastructure, and oil-and gas industry.

Péter Tálos, President of the Joint Venture Association, also emphasized that besides agriculture, the oil-and gas industry has great opportunities for the small and medium-sized Hungarian enterprises, even for the members of the association.

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