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Hungarian House opens in Kiev

Hungarian House opens in Kiev

A Hungarian House, a meeting place for Hungarians living in Kiev, was opened on Friday.

The Hungarian House is located in downtown Kiev and will serve as a meeting place and event site for the local community. It is offers courses in Hungarian language and folk dances, religion classes, events organised by the Hungarian Reformed Church community and a library. Kiev is estimated to have 500 ethnic Hungarian residents.

Government commissioner István Grezsa said at the opening ceremony that “Hungary has become stronger both in economic and spiritual terms.

The government has decided to turn the 15 million Hungarians around the world into a national community.”


A stronger Hungary has an obligation to economically support Hungarians living beyond the borders, he said.

The Hungarian House opens at a time of tension between the two countries, Grezsa noted. “Let this house represent the way Hungary pictures a cooperation based on mutual trust”, he said. Hungary is ready to continue working together with Ukraine, “as soon as the present unacceptable situation changes”, he said.

Source: MTI

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