flower glow in the dark flourescent

Hungarian inventor, Richárd Kun has won the category award in plant innovation at the 6th International Technology Fair in Shanghai – reported the Valor Hungariae Kft.

According to the company, the invention named flAVATAR is a 100% plant-based material which, applied externally to cut flowers and pot plants, makes them glow in the dark.

Origo.hu writes that a post shared on the company’s Facebook page revealed that not only was the innovation ranked among the top 10 high-tech technologies in the world, but it has also received a special award for the greenest technological production.

The plants treated with the trademark invention produced by Floreande Kft, Kun’s invention company, can glow in the dark up to 30 minutes right after being charged (depending on the level of charging) fluorescing with green, two shades of blue, red and white lights.

If the light of the plants starts to fade, it can be recharged by sunlight, a lamp or mobile phone so that they will glow again.

Without charging, the light will dim into a faint white glow that remains visible for as long as 4-5 hours.

flower glow in the dark flourescent
With the help of flAVATAR, the plants glow in the dark. Presentation at the 6th International Technological Fair in Shanghai, Source: www.facebook.com/flAVATAR

The flAVATARs bear the characteristics of regular flowers therefore all cut flowers and pot plants should be treated accordingly – the company informs us.

Translated by Mariann Lengyel

Featured image: www.facebook.com/flAVATAR

Source: http://www.origo.hu/

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