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Billboard campaign initiated by Government against the so called Soros-plan, i.e. helping migrants to come and settle down in Europe.

According to Minister of State for Government Communication Bence Tuzson, it is regrettable that Hungarian left-wing MEPs also voted for the points of the Soros Plan.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Friday evening current affairs program, Mr. Tuzson reacted to the fact that on Thursday the European Parliament’s plenary session approved the negotiation mandate on the Dublin asylum reform package adopted by its Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) in October.

The Minister of State said that EU leaders and Hungarian left-wing MEPs all say that the Soros Plan does not exist, but when its points appear, “they all push the ‘yes’ button” and support its implementation.

He further said that this is about the introduction of a mandatory relocation system without upper limit, the simplification of the family unification process, the opening of borders and the “punishment” of those who do not wish to participate in all this. Those who are already here or wish to enter the EU would be directed to these countries, Mr. Tuzson added.

Referring to the National Consultation, Mr. Tuzson pointed out that it is possible to prevent the adoption of a regulation based on the reform package, but “a government will not be enough” for this.

However, if the Hungarian people team up, they will be able stop “this idea of Brussels” together.

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  1. George Soros should note that all peoples have the right for self determination, i.e. should involve democracy to let the people of that country determine what type of society it wants. It is not up to George Soros to determine this, nor is it up to the undemocratic European Union.
    Now that the British are leaving the EU because of its overpowering refusal to allow the peoples freedom to determine their futures.
    None of us want to be forced to live alongside people who want to kill each because of religion and in turn preach this openly.

    I would also point out to Robert Wood Johnson at 33Nine Elms SW nor do the vast numbers of US citizenry and nor does President Trump in his paper on Immigration and its dangers which he the President feels need to reign in.

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