The Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) recently organised a Hungarian-Moroccan business forum where investment and trade possibilities were discussed. Participants were representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco and several Hungarian managing directors of various companies. There was a general agreement on the fact that Morocco is one of the fastest developing countries in the Northern African region, and it can offer legal predictability to Hungarian businessmen.

The general aim of the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) is to find competent international business partners for Hungary, and of course to support Hungarian businesses that are capable of exporting their products. Therefore, MNKH aims to “facilitate smooth trade activities that are mutually beneficial for both parties”. For more information, visit the official website of MNKH.

At the Hungarian-Moroccan business forum held at MNKH, participants’ main foci were investment and trade possibilities between the two countries represented. According to Karima Kabbaj, Morocco’s Ambassador to Hungary,

the Kingdom of Morocco could be a favourable target to businessmen all over the world, because the country offers many advantages to its international partners.

Morocco is often referred to as the gate of Africa because of the country’s unique geographic location between the two continents of Europe and Africa. The country has the enormous advantage of having ports and harbours on both the Atlantic Ocean and on the Mediterranean Sea.

Karima Kabbaj, Morocco’s Ambassador to Hungary stated at the Hungarian-Moroccan business forum:

“Morocco is a stable and safe country which has the tools to secure a strong defence and fight terrorism.

In terms of economy, the country offers programs/projects in the industrial, agricultural and energy sector to facilitate national and international investments.

The Kingdom of Morocco also has a qualified labour force.”

By the end of the forum, both parties agreed that Morocco can offer legal predictability to Hungarian businessmen, which might indicate an increased number of investments and trade between Morocco and Hungary.


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