Los Angeles, 2017. február 27. Deák Kristóf rendezõ és Udvardy Anna producer a legjobb rövidfilmnek járó díjjal a 89. Oscar-gálán a Los Angeles-i Dolby Színházban 2017. február 26-án. Deák Kristóf és Udvardy Anna a Mindenki címû filmjéért részesült az elismerésben. (MTI/AP/Jordan Strauss)

Hungary woke up to another Academy Award success. Kristóf Deák’s movie Sing won the Oscar in the Short Film (Live Action) category at the award show held last night in Los Angeles.

The movie is about a girl (Dorka Gáspárfalvi) who goes to a new school, where everything seems to be going great in the beginning. She makes friends with another girl (Dorottya Hais) and gets accepted to the school’s famous choir. But it soon turns out that the teacher leading the choir (Zsófia Szamosi) has a unique way to avoid false notes, so the girls come up with an idea to face the powerful teacher.

The movie has previously won awards in Tokyo, Chicago and Berlin. After the Oscar nomination, the director told index.hu that it was already a huge success that they got into the best five movies and that some of the crew could travel to the ceremony and experience how the whole show goes and what it’s like from the inside. “My prize is that I can experience all this, I can learn from it and get an insight into how this magical machine works.”

According to origo.hu, the choir feautured in the movie is actually the existing choir of the Bakáts Square Musical Primary School. The kids spent last night in the school so that they could gather around the television and root for Sing. They ate cake, drank kids’ champagne and bursted into the most joyful hurrah after the movie the award.

Moreover, Kristóf Deák stands quite close to Ryan Gosling on the photo depicting all nominees, but this is nothing compared to the amazing feedback he received for the short film. Even the most influental and prestigious paper focused on cinematography, Hollywood Reporter wrote that Sing should win the Academy Award in its category.

Congratulations to the crew of Sing!

Photos: MTI

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Source: http://index.hu/, http://www.origo.hu/

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