Budapest, June 4 (MTI) – Hungary’s Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM), which describes itself as “nationalist radicals”, on Saturday held an “anti-Trianon” march in downtown Budapest to mark the 96th anniversary of the signing of the WWI Trianon peace treaty.

The march started from Heroes’ Square and passed in front of the Serbian, Romanian and Slovakian embassies.


László Toroczkai, a deputy leader of the radical nationalist Jobbik party and founder of HVIM, told the hundreds in attendance that people fighting against “the injustice that was Trianon are being persecuted” both in Hungary and the neighbouring countries to which Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory with the signing of the peace treaty.

Toroczkai brought up the case of two local leaders of HVIM in central Romania’s Szekler Land region who were last year arrested on terrorism charges and now face life imprisonment as an example of those persecutions. He said he had expected the Hungarian government and society to show stronger support for the two men against “the Bucharest-controlled state terror”.

János Volner, another Jobbik deputy leader, described the members of HVIM as “radicals” who must demonstrate in their everyday lives that they are willing to do anything “for the happiness of their country”.

Speaking in front of the Romanian embassy, György Gyula Zagyva, the co-leader of the HVIM, said Romania intimidated local supporters of Hungarian autonomy in Transylvania in a manner reminiscent of the Ceausescu regime.


Photo: MTI


  1. IF the reason behind the decision to take land away was because Hungary was too strong, WHY did Germany not lose land after the last war??????

  2. @Barbara: sorry to shatter your ego, but Hungary wasn’t strong at all. In fact Trianon put Hungary back on the map after the 1919 Romanian-Hungarian war, at the end of which there was no Hungary anymore.
    And Germany lost enormouly more than Hungary: Silezia, Pomerania, East Prussia, among other things. 17 mln refugees came to West Germany from the lost Eastern territories. Hungary lost only territories which were majoritarily non Hungarian speaking. That’s why it received hardly any refugees at all.

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