The Hungarian police have found a quite disturbing discovery last week in the apartment of a man who turned out was also wanted for arson when he ignited several piles of unwanted communal waste a few months back.

According to, civilians have reported a suspicious car and a strange smell coming from said vehicle. When the police went ahead and investigated the call, they have found the rotting carcass of a dog inside the car.

The owner of the car is a 25-year-old man, Zsolt S. Based on suspicion the police have sent officers to the man’s apartment in Kőbánya to search the perpetrators home.

To their surprise, the investigators have found several other dead animals in the owner’s apartment Hvg reported.

Among the carcasses of animals, there were many species that are under protection in Hungary. The police have found several birds like a common buzzard, a song thrush, and even mammals like a red squirrel and even a deer.

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According to the Hungarian police, some of these animals are illegal to possess even if they are already deceased.

Some of them are under protection and others are under the ownership of the Hungarian Hunters’ National Association. They pressed charges against the 25-year-old perpetrator for theft.

According to Hvg, since the man’s detention the investigators have also found out with the help of CCTV recordings, that

the man who have possessed the animal carcasses might have also been the perpetrator of arson a few month back during the waste disposal in Budapest.

In addition to theft, they have also charged Zsolt S. with vandalism and interrogated him. During the interrogation he confessed that he had caused all three fires but he had no explanation for collecting dead animals.

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