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Hungarian restaurant on fire in the United States!

Hungarian restaurant on fire in the United States!

On the 6th of March, for yet unknown reasons, a Hungarian restaurant in the city of Albany, (Oregon State, USA) burst into flames. There are no casualties reported, but the building has become not usable for service.

However, the locals banded together to help the restaurant’s owner Karen Novak, in order to rebuild the town’s favourite Hungarian restaurant, writes and Karen Novak has been operating the restaurant for 35 years.

The 50-thousand-citizen town in Oregon shows exemplary human cooperation; everybody helps Novak as they can.

Some people with warm words, some with donations and some with giving temporary jobs for the restaurant’s employees. On Sunday, a charity event was also held at local elderly home.

Even though the cause of the fire is yet unknown, it is for sure that the flames did not come from the kitchen.

A café neighbouring Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant has even offered its 1 year tip jar of 1200$ to give to Karen.

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#Hungarian #restaurant #fire
#fire #usa #hungarian #restaurant
#fire #usa #hungarian #restaurant

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