2018 is indeed the year of Hungarian startups already. A Hungarian enterprise has come up with an ingenious new idea: producing solar collecting pavement blocks from recycled plastic. As Forbes.hu reported, they have just completed a new experimental project in Budapest.

This decade has seen the rise of electric cars and the Hungarian startup, Platio, has exploited this trend; they have developed solar collecting pavement blocks from recycled materials. They aimed to construct a pavement which has a high carrying capacity, produces electricity during the daylight period and is capable of storing it. It is also designed to be compatible with a variety of network types. Thus, the energy produced could be used for a range of purposes such as lighting and operating traffic lights.

Moreover, the system is also capable of storing kinetic energy, so pedestrians may produce energy without even knowing it just by passing by on these blocks. This method has already been applied at Hello Wood’s pop up park in Budapest, and an office building in Astana, Kazakhstan, — the latter of which was related to the World Expo 2017.

This solution is both space-saving and decorative; Platio designs, constructs and controls the system.

The Hungarian subsidiary of the multinational logistics real estate firm, Prologis, has used this new technology in an experimental project.

The solar blocks were built into the pavement around Prologis Park Budapest-Park service station, throughout 4.7 square meters. This was a first time cooperation between Platio and Prologis, one of the world’s largest logistical real estate enterprises.

The pavement provides 720 watts of green energy for the service station.

When the station has no customers, the energy is used by the office buildings nearby.

Miklós Illyés, the founder of Platio, states that they are looking for partners who support new technologies and are able to provide opportunities to apply them. This is how they founded Prologis, the company which has made it possible to develop the first version of an electric car charging system in Hungary, thus contributing to e-mobility.

Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor is situated on the southern border of District XXII. It is the leading industrial real estate service in Hungary, extending throughout nine industrial parks and 688,000 square meters of logistic territory.

featured image: Facebook.com/platiopavings

Source: Forbes.hu

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