Chameleon is a new Hungarian startup. The company owned by Péter Szarvas and Róbert Bíró installs a basic infrastructure into homes and these can be easily upgraded to smart homes afterwards. The idea hit CES in Las Vegas, which is one of the greatest fair of entertainment electronics. The solution received heated interest at the event, as reported.

The company was discussing with potential partners in spring, but they had no exact information yet. By now, they have announced that the cabling of the first smart home in Hungary has begun. It will be an apartment building with 54 smart homes in District XIII.

The executor is building 6 additional apartment buildings with this technology, so 1,000 housings will be prepared this way altogether.

The first foreign customers of the startup have also appeared in El Paso, Texas: a real estate company from Texas intends to install the technology into 42,000 housings. Meanwhile, a German investor wants to make a contract about the exclusive rights for selling Chameleon Smart Home in the DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

The company would invest 500,000 euros of its own funds into a combined enterprise with Chameleon.

The startup was also introduced in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, where the Hungarian party could participate with the support of the Hungarian National Trading House. They were discussing the installation of the technology into an entire university district. Chameleon is working on the establishment of a franchise network, which helps handling the particularities of each country — e.g. the different electric networks — and spreading the technology on an international market.



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