Global Legal Hackathon

A team of Hungarian students has won the Global Legal Hackathon, a US competition for the development of software facilitating cybersecurity, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics said on Friday.

Revealu, a prototype software that would enable users to monitor, change and delete their personal data stored with sites such as Facebook and Google, was developed by programming students Gergely Bihary, Péter Lakatos and Márton Elődi, as well as economics, law and design students Bálint Danoczy, Dániel Bihary and Kristóf Nagy, respectively. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prompted them to develop the software.

The first round of the competition was held simultaneously at 40 venues worldwide.

Of the 600 teams, 14 made it to the finals in New York, where the 4 winners were announced on April 21.

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Source: MTI

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