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Budapest, April 12 (MTI) – The lawmakers of opposition Jobbik will all sign a submission to the Constitutional Court over the recently amended law on higher education, a party lawmaker said on Wednesday.

István Szávay told a press conference that Jobbik “wants to allow the top court the opportunity to give an opinion on the law”.

Szávay, however, declined to indicate which opposition party’s initiative Jobbik would join.

MP István Szávay, photo: MTI

“There is a dictatorship being built in Hungary in which process [ruling] Fidesz now attempts to eliminate a higher education institution,” he said, making reference to the Közép-európai Egyetem established by Hungarian-born US financier George Soros.

Jobbik rejects Fidesz’s “arrogance” as it also rejects the “left-liberal” ideology represented by Soros and his institutions, he said.

Source: MTI

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