Budapest, Hungary. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Photo: MTI

Parliament approved on Tuesday the transfer several universities from the state to private foundations, paving the way for 70 percent of students to pursue their studies under the new model from this autumn.

The cardinal law submitted by Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics received 134 votes in support and 59 votes against.

In line with the decision, the universities of Szeged, Dunaújváros, Pécs, Nyíregyháza and Debrecen, the Hungarian Dance Academy, the newly formed Tokaj-Hegyalja University, the Budapesti University of Economics, the University of Physical Education, Semmelweis University and Rudolf Kálmán University of Óbuda will be run by fundations. Five additional fondations have been set up for additional purposes, and the Eszterházy Károly University of Eger will be transferred to the Catholic church.

The law on public interest asset management foundations lists a total of 32 foundations, of which 21 will be in charge of running higher education institutions.

Tamás Schnada, a state secretary at the ITM, said in the general debate of the bill that a strategy already drafted in 2016 was being implemented. He said that a more independent and autonomous form of organisation would help universities integrate into the economy better, and, he added,

their financial autonomy would be guaranteed.

Opposition reaction

LMP: Today ‘dark day’ in post-1990 Hungarian politics

The opposition LMP party has branded Tuesday — the day the government is asking lawmakers approve a bill seeking to transfer various state assets to private foundations — as a “dark day” in post-1989/90 Hungarian politics.

László Keresztes, LMP’s group leader, noted MPs are voted to “outsource” about 1,000 billion forints (EUR 2.75bn) in public assets and to bring “almost all” of Hungarian higher education under political control via foundations that, he said the ruling Fidesz party planned to control.

The LMP politician also slammed a move to import “a Chinese Communist Party university” to Hungary, putting Hungary even further into China’s debt.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is … proud to make decisions contrary to Hungarian national interests,” he added.

Some of Europe’s best universities are state-maintained, Keresztes said, adding that placing Hungarian institutions under private foundations would harm their autonomy.

Opposition parties, he said, agreed on restoring universities and outsourced public property restored to the state should they win the 2022 general election.

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Source: MTI

  1. Get these corrupt egotistical self serving whatever you want to call them OUT. The only interest they have is for themselves. They don’t care about this country at all. Values and national interests, what a joke. Old Szajer’s embarrassing incident was hushed up. Too bad for them it had already been broadcast on outside news agencies as a gay orgy. Orban’s found in ruling by decree he’s another dictator and likes it far too much. Him and all his cronies. This country is only partly free. We’re part of China now and don’t think for a moment things will get any better. Who’s going to want to study or stay here now. And for those who say ‘the left, leftist values’ grow up. Hungary is a tiny country with a lying, immature and corrupt government that thinks it’s running things. That’s why China and/or Russia can do what it wants with us. Hungary is nothing more than a pawn, and that is so so sad.

  2. To assess a situation correctly one needs to “step back” and not be emotional to reach a valid rational.
    Anonymous appears to be overly driven by his BIAS.
    Allow the Hungarian people to make a judgement about THEIR government.
    We seem to have a bunch of disenchanted Hungary haters loudly “contributing”.
    Your HATE campaign is not going to work.
    It will only strengthen Hungarians loyalty to their COUNTRY and THEIR DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED

  3. Woke culture and leftist, socialist brainwashing must be kept out of schools and universities. The new system will make it harder for foreign globalists’ interest to affect logical thinking. Good move on part of the government.

    An example of student brainwashing happened in the US. University graduates in useless subjects spend their time protesting and burning cities. These university graduates are not qualified to enter the job market. This may be acceptable to a wealthy country, however, Hungary does not have the money or the population to approve such waste.

  4. If the universities are so good then why did the PM himself study at Pembroke College Oxford, on a scholarship from Soros, ironic! Also the PM’s son attended Sandhurst Military School at our expense. Happy to use any other country’s educational system including their values. The students here study and graduate then they’re left with finding a job with one of the lowest salaries in the EU. No wonder they leave. Yes, let the Hungarian people decide.

  5. Yes, democratically elected. He just has to remember not to declare victory while the votes are still being counted!

  6. Just wanted to check. Only males will be attending these universities then? If they’re wanting to promote social traditional values then according to that awful families minister the females will all be at home? Or will their courses reflect raising children, cooking and the like. Maybe they’ll drum it into them that four or more children means tax exemption. Way to go Hungary. Women know your place.

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