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Hungarian success at the 2nd International Archery Championship

Hungarian success at the 2nd International Archery Championship

One silver and five gold medals were given to the Hungarian contenders at the competition held in Turkey. 16 countries participated in the tournament with about 700 contestants all together.

The 2nd International Traditional Archery Championship, which was held in Kahramanmaras-Türküglü, brought huge success to Hungary, according to

Attila Rácz became the champion of shooting from 60 and 90 meters. Female Hungarian archers were also in good shape as Andrea Skaliczki brought silver medals in both the category of 40 and 75 meters.  The 60 meters team contest was won by József Mónus, Attila Rácz, Andrea Skaliczki and Kata Rácz, according to the

World Traditional Archery Federation (WTAF).


Multiple times world recorder József Mónus, who is often referred to as the ‘White Wol’, triumphed in both 50 pounds limited shooting and limitless shooting. In the latter one, he shot 470 meters far. He began to learn the craft of archery along with his children in 2006, and since then, he has already beat the world record of the longest shot in history in Budapest (with 508,70 meters) and later in Ergun (with 653 meters).

Annamária Ruszin, the wife of Mr Mónus also won a gold medal in limitless shooting. These results count as one silver and five gold medals in total.

Photo: József Mónus

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