According to, Attila Mányoki won the Hong Kong swimming competition in the South China Sea, which is Asia’s most difficult open water challenge.

The athlete from Zalaegerszeg finished at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club after swimming 4 hours and 23 minutes.

The Hungarian long-distance swimmer swam across Molokai Channel of Hawaii in nearly 11 hours last October. Catalina Strait was the fourth stop of the series called Ocean’s Seven, which includes the world’s seven most difficult sea channels.

Attila Mányoki is 41 years old, and he would like to swim across the North Channel in August, and the Cook Strait in February 2017. The Srait of Gibraltar will be the last one for him. He started the competition with the English Channel in 2013, and then he swam across the Japanese Tsugaru Channel – he was the thirteenth who could do that, told.


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