The Hungarian contestants of Bocuse d’Or had been awarded on Tuesday evening. However it was the Norwegian team that proved to be the best chefs, Hungarians excelled with their promotion material, reports

It was Gábor Molnár, the finalist of the 2014 competition held in Stockholm who represented Hungary in Lyon, competing with the best chefs of 24 countries from around the world. This year’s was the 15th Bocuse d’Or, this competition is the Olympiad of the culinary arts, it is held once in every 2 years in Lyon. The contest takes place in the SIRHA International Hotel at the end of January.

The design

The Hungarian team arranged a luxurious menu with trout and guinea fowl. The menu was inspired by Gömböc, a Hungarian invention: this convex body has only one stable and one unstable point of equilibrium. Gömböc expresses creativity and dynamism, both virtues of Hungarian gastronomy according to Chef Molnár. The stable point of the menu was the Hungarian culinary tradition, which had been flavoured with innovative design created by APLI Design Studio.

The preparation

The team had been preparing for the competition for 3 months, in a setting very similar to the venue’s location in order to make the preparation of the meals as smooth as possible on the day of the finale. All contestants have 5 hours and 35 minutes to prepare their dishes, and an international jury scores the competing works. According to szeretlekmagyarorszag, the Hungarian team occupied their boxes on the 28th of January, and the presented the dishes to the professional jury in the afternoon, a few hours before the finale.

The Hungarian menu

The meat dish was made with leek, shitake mushroom, spinach and pumpkin – among other ingredients – and the spices were parsley and coriander. The ingredients were brought to Lyon by the team, whereas for the fish dish, the onion, the ginger, the Japanese artichoke and other food stock were selected from the market of SIRHA by Gábor Molnár. The speciality of the fish course is in its ingredients: the reservation for the meal was that the proportion of fish and vegetables must be at least 50-50%.


The competition

There were approximately 1500 viewers that supported the competing teams, and the participation itself is prestigious enough, as only the best chefs that received an invitation to Bocuse d’Or. The Gastronomic Expo, held in the same location attracted more than 200 000 visitors and all of the competing countries had their own stalls with the characteristic foods and wines of each nation. The recognition that Hungary received in Lyon was raised by the Hungarian stand in the VIP section of the Expo, reports szeretlekmagyarorszag.

The members of the jury were acknowledges chefs, like the founder of Bocuse d’Or, Paul Bocuse, or the honorary member of the jury, Grant Achatzon the chef of the Alinea restaurant awarded with 3 Michelin stars. All 24 participant nations sent jury members, our country had been represented by Zoltán Hamvas, the president of the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy.


The 2016 European finale will be held in Budapest, so if this article evoked your curiosity, or if you consider yourself a gourmet, you can enjoy the most prestigious culinary competition in Hungary!

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Photo:, Flickr / Bakcsy Árpád


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