Protective face shields coronavirus

A Hungarian company is printing hundreds of protective face shields and donating them to hospitals and local governments in need.

CraftUnique is a Hungarian company with a US-based warehouse and responsive support team. Their 3D printer, CraftBot, won best “Plug N’ Play 3D Printer” in 2017 and 2018. Index reports that the company decided to use their technology for good by making protective face shields and donating them to hospitals and other organisations that might need them.

The gear’s main support elements are printed by Craftbot 3D printers, while the transparent plastic shields are laser-cut. The plastic (PETG) parts for the shields were donated by Makerspace Budapest and Acryl World Ltd.

CraftUnique is going to publish the specifics of the shields’ support element to their customers so that others with Craftbot machines will be able to produce the protective gears too.

CraftUnique printed over 350 protective shields so far. The shields are donated to the following Hungarian institutions:

  • Péterfy Hospital and National Institution of Traumatology
  • Foundation for Hungarian Emergency Care and Ambulance Services
  • Four local governments

These protectors are especially useful for doctors with glasses, pharmacists, and social workers who work closely with elderly patients.

CraftUnique also designed a special tool that helps us open doors with our forearms rather than by touching the door handle, which helps reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.


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