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According to, yet another great startup idea has been developed, this time by Hungarian students. USchool, an educational program with a modern outlook, has launched a program to introduce students aged 16-18 to the world of business and project planning, to the basics of sales and marketing as well as to group dynamics.


Last year, 22 students from 12 schools participated. This year, 100 students from over 40 high schools participated in the program focusing on startup-talent management. The students had the help of experienced mentors, young entrepreneurs and mentors from big companies, who are familiar with the field of innovation.

The students could gain entrepreneurial experience while also learning how to present the projects they have been working on for months. 

The best ideas were awarded in front of a crowd made up of investors, entrepreneurs and people simply interested in the projects.

Winning startup idea

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The best idea was developed by a group of three high school girls: Veronika Végh, Rebeka Szabó and Dorina Merhala, all aged 17. Their innovative idea in the sustainability category was to develop an app that helps people choose consciously what they buy by scanning the allergens displayed on the packages.

The app allows people with food allergies to choose their ingredients safely. All they have to do is scan the allergens of the products.

2nd place

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The group winning second prize consists of Eperke Remetei-Filep, Dalma Versánszky and Leila Tóth. Their idea was featured in the category of consumer and designer products.

They aim to revolutionise indoor climbing with the help of LED lights.

The climbing wall, as well as the routes signalled by the lights, can be adjusted to the height, weight and skill-level of the climbers, with the option of making it more or less of a challenge.

3rd place

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The other idea in the sustainability category that won the third prize was developed by Noémi Asztalos, Dániel Egressy and Mátyás Erdős. They aimed to

make Hungary’s first ever sustainable food truck a reality. To minimise the amount of food waste, the group’s idea is to use ingredients that are close to their expiration date.

During the program, students could learn about strategies used by leading companies and startups to develop ideas, as well as skills and experiences that are useful in the business world. They had the chance to experience what it is like in real life to get from an idea to the execution of it.

The groups winning the first three prizes get to compete in the international final held in Slovenia at the end of June.

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