Everyone speaks about Gergelyiugornya, a village at the river Tisza, in Hungary as well. But why it is so interesting, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu asks.

At the river Tisza, in one of the strangest part of Hungary, there is village called Gergelyiugornya which is embraced by one of the bend of the river. The relatively narrow, forested floodplain is famous for its incredibly creative houses and unique buildings. Photos of Gizmodo provide an insight into this special countryside: walk through this beautiful scenery wrapped in the shadow of aspens and marvel at these unusual weekend houses and cottages!

This part of Ugornya is special because rather strange houses – at least for foreigners – grow out of wet soil, which are so close to each other that neighbors (mainly teenagers and young adults) clearly hear each other’s music.

Most of the houses were built at some time in the 80s, when you could build a cottage with any solution in the socialism. Instead of architects, often the owners themselves designed these special houses and used cheap materials to construct them: boards made of pine wood, wood-fiber boards, container panels, slate, corrugated sheet and railroad tracks as well. The result has been a strange, riverside suburb, where, according to the article, funny, surprising and sometimes frightening buildings entertain the visitors.

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based on the article of szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu
translated by BA

Photos: gizmodo.com

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