Prosecutor’s Office of Győr-Moson-Sopron County has made an indictment of armed kidnapping and aggravated assault against five Asian persons who locked one of their employees in their basement where they assaulted the victim and demanded money from her.

As the Hungarian news portal, describes – two of the Asian perpetrators live in Győr; three persons reside in Budapest. Four of them are connected to the management of a store in Győr, while the fifth offender operates a restaurant in Győr.

In December 2017, the store manager decided about calling to account a Hungarian female employee, suspecting that the woman had stolen some of the store’s revenue. After having sent home all the other employees, they stood around her, stuffed socks into her mouth; and jostling, tugging, poking her with a stick, she was taken to the basement where the offenders were kicking and hitting the victim by a metal rod and a stick.

The Hungarian woman was assaulted at least fifty times, while the offenders were questioning her about the store’s revenue.

As the woman denied that she had taken money from the proceeds, they told her that with the keys taken from her purse, they would go to the woman’s apartment and force her father to register them as the owners of the woman’s apartment and car.

After two perpetrators checked the apartment and found no one at home, they returned to the woman threatening her with poisoning. Then, they held chopping axe to the victim’s neck, forcing her to sign an acknowledgement of debt of 10 million HUF. The Hungarian woman wrote down the dictated text and then had to read it up to the perpetrators to be recorded with their mobile phones. On the document, she was forced to put her fingerprints as well – dipped in red paint.

The woman was released after being threatened by the offenders that – if she contacts the ambulance or the police – she and her father will be killed. The offenders are under criminal supervision; their imprisonment can extend up to 18 years.


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