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A Budapest court sentenced an Afghan man to five years and eight months in prison on account of rape, coercion, and indecency this Wednesday. The non-binding ruling said the man raped a woman in the toilet of a restaurant in downtown Budapest in September 2018. On a separate occasion, he forcibly kissed and groped a woman on the street in Budapest’s 7th district, and he flashed another. Furthermore, he was expelled from Hungary for six years.

S. B. Ahmad is only 19 years old, but authorities already abolished his protected status last year and expelled him from Hungary for three years because it would harm national security if he remained in the country, Index reported

According to the indictment, he raped a Hungarian woman in a gyros restaurant on September 9, 2018. Based on the woman’s confession, she wanted to use the staff toilet of the restaurant, which the suspect showed her. However, when she wanted to leave the toilet, the suspect first forced her to kiss him and then raped her. In contrast,

the Afghan man says that the woman wanted to have sex with him and enjoyed what happened.

He added that when he finished, she asked him for a phone and some money. Therefore, he was surprised when she called the police, and he left the restaurant immediately trying to escape to Austria. Hungarian authorities, however, issued an international arrest warrant, and Austrian police officers caught him on a train two days later.

Interestingly, there is a camera recording of what had happened, showing that the suspect violently wanted to enter the toilet after the woman locked its door. In contrast, the suspect stated that the woman called him in, but the door was locked, so he tried to open it by force. Moreover, his colleague said that he heard some noises from the toilet, but those were the sounds of enjoyment. The woman denied that and said that

she was only crying and trying to call for help.

She added that she feared for her life, so she let the suspect do what he wanted. But when she managed to escape from the restaurant, she called the police. Meanwhile, other guests of the restaurant verified that the Afghan man left the place in a rush. 

Based on the results of the gynaecological examination, there were no signs of physical assault, but the prosecutor said that the woman never said that she was assaulted, and since the man’s penis was not fully erect, he could not harm her.

The suspect said that

he did not come to Hungary to commit crimes,

and society should not condemn his nation for what he is now standing before the judge. His attorney highlighted that the woman wanted to have sex with the suspect, and afterwards, she kissed and thanked him. The judge said that the defence is surrealistic and added that the suspect already committed crimes before.

In June 2018, he took out his penis and followed a woman in the 7th district. A third woman who recognised him with 100 pc certainty said that S. B. Ahmad groped her near Lövölde Square (7th district). In the latter case, there is a recording showing Mr Ahmad. Index spoke with

a fourth woman who stated that the Afghan man raped her in August 2018 in the restaurant he then worked at.

Both sides appealed, so the court’s ruling is non-binding.

Source: MTI, index.hu

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