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A yet unknown man probably raped a Swedish girl in an apartment in the 7th district of the Hungarian capital.

The girl and her two girlfriends rented a first-floor apartment for three days – blikk.hu reported. They came to a party in Budapest but one of their nights ended horribly.

The girls called me at dawn and said that something terrible happened, so I immediately went to their place. They told that previous night they were in a nearby bar where they drank. One of them got tired, so she went back home while two of her girlfriends remained there.” – the owner of the apartment told.

He added that

the man probably followed the girl, and he knew in which flat he had to climb into.

After the girl arrived home, she opened the window and went to sleep, but it did not take long until a strange sound awakened her.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that somebody was climbing into her room. She stated that she did not know the man, but he raped her and left the flat through the window. The girl immediately called the police – added the owner of the flat.

Because of the police investigation, the three girls missed their plane home. Furthermore, the raped girl is now in the hospital on the medical check-up.

We reported HERE about a woman who was attacked and almost raped on the streets of Budapest in broad daylight in September. She was using an intercom, waiting to get into an apartment building, when a strange man grabbed her from behind. Her attacker was arrested one day later. He confessed to two more sexual assaults during questioning.

In the summer of 2015, Diane, a French woman who was 26-year-old then, arrived with her fiancé in Budapest. After visiting some bars in the party district of the capital, she suddenly lost sight of her partner and could not find him. Four men noticed her, made her get into a Mercedes minibus and drove to Népliget, where she became the victim of sexual assault. You may find further details HERE.

Source: Blikk.hu

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