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In the past days, Hungary got to know the tragic and shocking story of Bernadett Orosz. The Hungarian woman shared her story on Facebook, telling the world how she was brutally assaulted by her partner.

24.hu reported that this was not the first time that the Hungarian soldier attacked his partner and hurt her physically. Bernadett wrote that he broke her nose, hurt her face, pulled out her hair, and even tried to choke her. Luckily, she received help immediately: the man was arrested, and Bernadett was taken to the hospital.

This was not the first time when the man hurt Bernadett. She reported that during the first time, even their children witnessed the brutal scene. Although Bernadett was hurt several times after this incident, she never reported it to the police.

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But she did not succeed in reporting the case to the police. News revealed that the police do not intend to deal with Bernadett’s case, and they even refused to provide her with any personal protection from the authorities. She reported that when the police started to investigate the case, she was asked to give a report about the incident.

While giving the report to the police, Bernadett revealed that they tried to look through her and get rid of the case. The Hungarian man was fired from the Hungarian Defence Forces immediately. According to their report, they are 100% against violence against women.

Bernadett was taken to hospital several times. Her injuries are severe and need months, even years, of healing.

Source: www.24.hu

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