Several persuasive advertisements offer erotic jobs for Hungarian women legally in Switzerland for 3000 EUR per week. On the other hand, it is a lesser-known fact that women can only work as prostitutes in the Alpine country for nine months; furthermore, prostitution and human trafficking is illegal and severely punished.

Pénzcentrum reported that the advertisement appeared on individuals’ Facebook pages several times offering an emphasised erotic job which means that women do not have to work on the streets and bars but in flats and houses (as the included pictures showed in the post). In Switzerland – and some other European countries –, prostitution is a legal economic job, but in return for legalisation, running prostitutes needs to follow strict rules and regulations in order to minimise the negative side-effects and to protect the rights of sex workers.

Only adult women (above eighteen) can work as prostitutes.

In several Alpine countries, human trafficking is illegal and punished by law. The Swiss government condemns every sexual act which involves a second/third person in the picture. Several stories could be read or heard from Hungarian women who were forced to do sex jobs and taken to foreign countries illegally. They never actually saw their salaries and were left alone after the “job” was done. In Switzerland, every canton has specialised civil organisation centres where people can get immediate and quick help if they become victims of human trafficking or illegal prostitution. Besides psychological help, they receive food, separate quarters and medical help as well.

Many prostitutes in Switzerland come from Central European regions, mostly Hungary, and that is the reason almost every civil organisation centre hires Hungarian-speaking social workers to avoid communication difficulties.

Hungarian couple under arrest for running prostitutes in Switzerland

A man and a Hungarian woman, who used to work as a prostitute, established a criminal organisation with another Swiss man to exploit girls. The authorities found and arrested six individuals related to the organisation; all of them will stand in front of the jury soon.


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