writes that Eszter Muli and Antal Harsányi defeated 26 teams at the tram drivers’ European Championships in Berlin. It was a tough competition for the Hungarian duo; they were only in the second place before the final round. In the end they came in first place before Kerstin Wermer & Helmut Nitzshke from Leipzig and Ramije Karemani & Jim Kouazan from Lyon. All together duos from 17 countries entered the competition.

Participants had to compete in five different exercises which probably seem quite weird for an everyday viewer. There was finish braking with the forepart of the tram, calibre calculation, finish braking with the second door, attached transportation and “tram-bowling”. Hungarians were able to win thanks to the last exercise.

This is how “tram-bowling” looked like:

By the way, this wasn’t the first time that Hungarians won the competition: the Andrea Lednetzky & Tamás Veperdi duo won the first tram drivers’ European Championships in 2012.


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