444.hu writes that Kanye West has designed several shoes, but his newest model, the Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 was put on the market by Adidas last Saturday. Thousands of people waited for this moment, American newspapers have reported that Kid Cudi wore the new shoes Friday night in the Tonight Show.

Naturally, Kid Cudi wore an exclusive model, which will only be launched on the 25th of February. The model that made some people go crazy – and costs around 90 thousand forints (~300 euros) – on Saturday was a black and red version:

The shoes can only be bought in one place in the city centre of Budapest, in a store in Petőfi Sándor Street. Fans arrived at the location at night so that they could be the first shoppers in the morning.

More and more people gathered during the day, forming a nice line, or more of a crowd. According to several Facebook posts, the crowd was so big that even the workers of the store had a hard time getting into the shop. The interest was so big that some people started giving out numbers.

But the Hungarian marketer announced that these numbers were fake and that they wouldn’t consider them when shopping.

Meanwhile, people all around the world have been posting proud selfies and photos of the shoes on Instagram:



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