It is common knowledge that no matter where you go you will always find Hungarians in each and every country of the world. But only a few people know that there’s a little Hungarian community living in Vietnam.

Although it’s impossible not to find a smaller or bigger Hungarian community in countries like Germany, Britain, or the United States, less mainstream countries also attract Hungarians. One of these is Vietnam; although only about a 100 Hungarians are living there currently, in the last couple of years it has become more and more popular, and not only among tourists; many people go there to work.

Life is not easy, and although the salary can be high, people have to work a lot for that kind of money, sometimes having only one free day a week. However, there are huge cultural differences between the two countries, which are worth exploring. Similarly to the Hungarians, more and more Vietnamese people visit Hungary, and Hungarian universities are very popular among Vietnamese students.

Vietnam is one of the most rapidly growing Asian countries in the world, and its economy is stable with trading partners like the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, and Singapore.  It is obvious that despite of its political agenda, Vietnam is able to provide good wages and a stable life, which attracts many people, including Hungarians.

As Vietnam starts to be the land of freedom while more and more Hungarians become dissatisfied with the current regime in Hungary, it is a valid option for many to leave the country and start a new life in Vietnam. Hungarians are always characterized as hard working and reliable individuals, so no matter where they’re going, many of them will find what they’re looking for and be able to start a new life anywhere in the world.

Globo Televízió has made an interview with four Hungarians currently living and working in Vietnam, and it’s worth to take a look at their experiences and opinions about Hungary, Vietnam, and life in both countries.

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Source: Globo TV

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  1. Funny how you call the current government a regime, while the socialist party (or should I say, the direct descendant of the Communist party) has done far worse.

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