writes that from now on, the world’s first movie shot with a photocopier is available online. The Hungarian short film is titled The Copyist and it features an erotic situation. It presents the female body, sexual intercourse and emotions through the distortion of the photocopier’s scanner.

Tamás Kőszegi was a student at the Eötvös Loránd Science University’s MA cinematography programme, but he also worked on the side, so he mostly visited the building in the exam period. He always asked for the notes of his mates and photocopied them.

One time he came up with the idea of making a movie with a photocopier. He told his father about his plans enthusiastically, but he replied: “this is such a stupid idea that if something’s going to ruin your career, this will be it.”

“Being the responsible and obedient boy I am, what else could I do than spend three years of my life on this movie?” writes Tamás.


So he shot the movie that stars Rebeka Valu and Attila Simon. The eight minute long creation was edited by Laura Földeák, its music was composed by Levente Markos, while Gábor Császár was the sound engineer.

But the crew didn’t stop there, Andrea Osvárt helped the team to get the short film to festivals, as a producer. The invested energy and 100,000 forints bore fruit: the movie was invited to 50 international festivals and won several awards. For instance, it won the Best Experimental Film title at the MEDIAWAVE Festival.

You can watch the short film on this link.

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