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The Lounge Group conducted a unique research parallel in the US and Hungary. The topic was the U.S. presidential election that takes place on 3 November.

The world press is increasingly concerned about the upcoming U.S. presidential election, where Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden are vying for votes. Hungary’s largest marketing communications company group, the Lounge Group, also considers the topic important. Therefore, it conducted a representative poll in both the USA and Hungary. The results are presented by

40 per cent of Hungarian and American voters alike think Republican Donald Trump will win the election in early November.

The research also states that American (48%) and Hungarian (60%) respondents typically make decisions based on the candidate’s ideology during voting. In America, however, the proportion of those who make decisions based on the candidate’s identity is twice as high as in Hungary. In Hungary, 14 per cent of the population thinks that the candidate’s party is more important than the person or their ideology, while in the United States, only 9 per cent of voters think similarly.

The research also looked at how well-informed people in Hungary are about the US presidential election. Based on this, almost everyone knows that Trump, who spoke to Viktor Orb谩n recently, is the current president; however, only one-third of respondents could name Joe Biden as Trump’s challenger. One-tenth of the Hungarian population is uncertain who the current president of America is.

A few of the Hungarian respondents still think of Barack Obama as the current leader of the United States.

There is an issue in which Hungary is on the American side, but there are also differences. Americans currently consider the coronavirus epidemic to be the most important problem, followed by job creation and the restoration of order. Respondents across the pond consider ensuring the country’s economic stability even more important than maintaining their health for resolving the epidemic. This is a significant difference compared to the data of the Hungarian survey, according to which the Hungarian population is most concerned about their family’s and their own health.

Zs贸fia Szab贸, the head of Lounge Group’s research division, added that “in a globalised world, we are affected in many cases the same way, but due to different cultural traditions and state operations, the most pressing problem of this year is given differently by the American and the European society. In our country, as in most European states, healthcare is a subjective right. In the U.S., care and insurance are a big expense that many are only able to recoup from their earnings, that is, from keeping their jobs. This justifies the fact that the American population is worried about economic performance, while Europeans are more concerned about maintaining the functioning of the social welfare system.”


  1. These unprecedented times in modern History, the dangers and uncertainty factors, broad and expansive, that our lives, our countries future are challenged, we need factorial balance in making statements or predictions, that are dominated by opinions, what or may not be, the next stage, the position we find our lives our country, in the wake of this novel virus.
    Predictions, that the 45th President of The United States of America, will be returned to office, in the November Presidential Elections, and the goodness and rightfulness of that happening for the relationship and future of Hungary, leaves me in a state of trepidation.
    The legacy, that will be left by the 45th President of The United States of America, it has been, in his time in office witnessed, the dismantling of Democracy, and when he is “sent off” – the deeper ramifications of his “flawed” Presidency, the vast failings of it, in America and Globally, it will be horrendous to see the aftermath effects that Trump leaves, for others to clean up.
    Stay Safe & Well – ALL.

  2. The evidence – is before the very eyes of Hungary and the World, that America, no longer, retains credibility under the Presidency of Donald. J. Trump.
    President Trump – has shattered, the image, the brand name of America.
    He has abused and defamed the reputation of America, its status, throughout the global world.
    America, continues to implode, in the main cores of its existence and being, the separation and fractionalization, of its population of 331 million human beings, their economy, in a strong downward trend, and the dismantling of Democracy, is the America, that is factorially, the picture seen by and throughout the world, at this time, in history.
    Apprehensiveness – should be the position taken and exercised by country’s in their relationship with America.
    This novel coronavirus has changed the World.
    It has changed our way of thinking and our way of life.
    The layers of change are still unfolding, and which way, the “deck of cards” fall, that is covered in great mystery and uncertainty.
    The global “spot light” is on America, the catastrophic disasters that are on-ward occurring, that indicators vibrantly highlight no reversing of the downward broad trends that exist, in these challenging and difficult times, that America and the World, the necessity to survive – plan and manage their present and on-going future.
    America – is a Humanitarian Disaster.
    America- is a Shambles.
    America – is paying for their ERROR of 2016.
    America – will have a change of Presidents in November.

  3. The US and the world can only hope Trump gets re-elected! If you see the mess and destruction the other side brings, one should be scared to have that side running the country. Trump is not a politician, and people like to get lied to, Trump will call it like it is, which is what a lot of people don’t like, hence, he is racist and all the other stuff they call him, sad, very sad.
    I for one hope he wins and gets rid of those socialist crybabies!

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