David Cornstein, former US Ambassador to Hungary, was handing in his resignation letter to Trump when the President suddenly said, “Let’s call Viktor” – and they did.

The other day, when David Cornstein, former United States Ambassador to Hungary, gave an interview to Népszava, he mentioned that a few weeks back, when he was handing in his resignation letter to Trump,

the President said, out of the blue: “Let’s call Viktor!”

And if it was not unexpected enough, Cornstein added that the call had reached Orbán right in his home, while he was in the kitchen – so, shortly after the interview, Blikk too decided to get in touch with the Hungarian prime minister to learn about the details of this extraordinary situation.

“I was puttering around,” said the prime minister to Blikk, “warming up some food”. Then he adds proudly that the food in question was lecsó based on his wife’s recipe (named ‘European champion’), which is also published in her recipe book A konyhaablakból (From the Kitchen Window).

Orbán said that during the call “on his old Nokia”, they briefly talked about the presidential elections – “neck and neck, but I’m going to win,” said Trump –, and how the two governments are handling the pandemic.

Orbán also asked the President about the current status of vaccine research in the US and whether vaccines would also be available in countries outside the States.

Trump gave a reassuring answer: “You can count on me.”

The above conversation, albeit peculiar, would correspond to what Péter Szijjártó, Foreign Minister of Hungary, said about American-Hungarian relations a few weeks ago, from the similar views shared by the two politicians to how there is a “real friendship” between them.

Donald Trump & Viktor Orbán
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