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At the end of the year, Hungarians spent money like there is no tomorrow. According to the Hungarian Trade Association (OSZK), commercial traffic in Hungary exceeded 3.63 billion Euros. Hungarians spent over 300 million Euros on gifts alone.

End-of-the-year sales in Hungary broke every record imaginable, Hvg reports. Hungarians spent over 300 million Euros in November and December.

According to György Vámos, General Secretary of the Hungarian Trade Association, many retail stores exceeded their sales expectations in the last months of 2019. In November, webshops did exceptionally well, while regular retail store sales stood out the most in December.

We spent over 300 million Euros on gifts alone. The most popular items were electronics, toys, books, cosmetics, and clothes. We spent approximately 30 million Euros on electronics this past couple of months.

Of course, the majority of commercial traffic is spent on groceries. Hungarians spent around 1.5 billion Euros on food this December.

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