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Have you noticed that the Hungarian language and city names are not so easy either to pronounce or to remember? It is sometimes even a mystery for us, Hungarians, to understand where these names come from (for example, the ‘kecske’=’goat’ part in Kecskemét…). The YouTube channel Well… Actually explains why Hungary is called Hungary.

Just think about the awkward situations where the Hungarian capital city, Budapest, is confused with the Romanian capital city, Bucharest. However, there is something more awkward, or even funnier: the similarity between the country’s name, Hungary, and the adjective ‘hungry’.

featured image: Well… Actually / YouTube

Source: Well… Actually – YouTube

  1. Thank you for the explanation. Might I suggest that the explanations offered would have far greater credence if all the major terms in Hungarian were not mispronounced and almost totally wrong. The male giving the voice-over needs to know that “gy” in Hungarian is pronounced as a soft “j”, as in a softly voiced “jury” in English. “Sz” in Hungarian is pronounced as “se”, as in “silly” in English. That’s a start. It really is unbearable to have everything voiced so wrongly. Who would have allowed this to be broadcast at all?

  2. It would be sooo much better if the narrator could actually speak Hngarian and not butcher the Hungarian words.

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