Budapest, April 20 (MTI) – Leaders of Hungary’s main Christian churches celebrated Easter services on Easter Sunday, the holiday of the resurrection of Jesus.

Cardinal Peter Erdo, the head of the Catholic church, said Jesus’ resurrection carried the message that “there is no disaccord that could not be resolved and no sin that could not be forgiven, just as there is no man, or community or people or family that could not be valued.”

“We can trust in God forever, even beyond death,” Erdo said in the Esztergom Basilica in northern Hungary.

Reformed Bishop Gusztav Bolcskei told the congregation in the Great Church of Debrecen in eastern Hungary that the “wonderful message of Easter is that God removes obstacles that appear to us impossible to surmount.”

He said that the message of Easter was that “what God wants is not that we become victims or stand exposed in the world, but that nobody should become a victim at all.”

Lutheran Bishop Peter Gancs, meeting his community in Deak Square Church in downtown Budapest, called Easter the celebration of surprises, the occasion for all Christians to celebrate the unexpected resurrection of Jesus.

Photo: MTI


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