esztergom collected some of József Roderman’s work, who makes breath-taking drone videos. These videos show Hungary’s beautiful landscape, sights, outleaps. You get to see where the Stars of Eger was shot, fly above fishponds and Majk, and look inside a medieval castle.

Pilisborosjenő: The copy of the Castle of Eger

The copy of the Castle of Eger can be found in the Pilis Mountains, on the South-Western downhill of Nagy-Kevély, close to the Teve Rock and the Countrywide Blue Tour in Hungary. The castle was built for the shooting of the Stars of Eger in the 1960s. The director of the movie, Zoltán Várkonyi, also chose the valley between Pilisborosjenő and Csobánka for one of the spectacular battle scenes.

Gerecse: Pusztamarót – Historic monument

According to, after the lost battle of Mohács (29th of August, 1526) the Ottoman army had to face the biggest resistance in the region of Marót, found in the woods of the Gerecse Mountain. The Ottomans were only able to overcome the defenders with cannons delivered from the capital city. The hecatomb thereafter overtook 20-25 thousand victims. The monument made by master sculptor György Kovács commemorates this horrible demolition.

Vértes: Kamaldul reclusory– Majk

The baroque hermitage cells, the church and the abbey, which are used as apartments today, were built according to the old regulations of the Kamaldul order famous for its vow of speechlessness. Despite the changes made throughout the centuries the reclusory was able to keep its values and characteristics.

Tata: Fishpond N° 8 of Rét

The fishpond has been rehabilitated into a significant natural water habitat and now offers even more sights than before.

Sümeg: The castle

Sümeg Castle is one of the nicest, unharmed Hungarian castles, built on Sümeg’s bald hill which makes it stand out of its surroundings. It is also the best restored medieval stone castle of the Balaton Uplands.

Esztergom: The Basilica

Esztergom is the town where our first king, Saint Stephen was born and crowned, and it is also the centre of the Hungarian Catholic Church. This monumental cathedral is the biggest building in Hungary. Definitely a must-see!

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