Hungary is preparing to seal its railroad border crossing near Gyékényes and will soon deploy a razor-lined boxcar onto the railroad tracks, local authorities told MTI on Wednesday.

Since Friday police have been putting migrants entering from Croatia onto trains which then carried them to registration points.

So far more than 15,000 migrants have been picked up in the village of Zákány on the Croatian border.

Szabolcs Jankó (Fidesz), the local mayor, confirmed to MTI that preparations are under way to seal the border, but he did not know when the fence would be completed.

On Wednesday afternoon, another 1,200 migrants were bused to the Croatia-Hungary border and then picked up by the Hungarian police in the town of Barcs, an on-site correspondent of public news channel M1 reported. The migrants boarded a train bound for the registration point in either Szentgotthard or Hegyeshalom along the Austrian border, the correspondent said.

Photo: MTI


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