According to, the Hungarian authorities released the refugees towards Vienna, and then they tightened. After that, Germany and Austria, who seemed relatively lenient and criticizing the fence, have suddenly taken a position in compliance with the rules. What the hell is going on at the Keleti railway station and in the European Union?

On Monday, several thousand people were released to the trains to Munich by the Hungarian police at the Keleti station, but on Tuesday, they acted harder again.

Although the rules have not changed: it is not true the Syrians would be free to leave Hungary; this would require Schengen visa and a valid passport.

No one has explained so far why the procedure changed twice in two days.

The Austrian Chancellor criticized the releasing; Merkel suddenly praised the Hungarians for taking seriously the registration.

According to Merkel, the Dublin Regulation is valid, under which Hungary will not release the refugees.

Nobody explains how it is

The National Police Chief could not, or did not want to tell in front of the relevant committees of the Parliament what happened exactly at the Keleti railway station on Tuesday where the police herded refugees waiting for the Munich train, then train traffic stopped for approximately one hour. vainly asked the police for their reasons, the website has not got any answer.

MAV (Hungarian National Railway Company) stated that trains did not start and arrive “due to official closure”. They did not specify what that meant, so could only assume from the legislation: the so-called “security measures” are in the Police Act, which means, among other things, area closures and evacuation, “if it is necessary in order to eliminate the danger situation imminently danger persons and material goods”.

It sparked great indignation among the refugees that MAV has issued tickets to Munich without any problems so far, despite the fact they knew the police would not allow people without visa and passport to get on or they would be delivered before the border. On Tuesday, however, it was announced that new rules will apply: at a separate cashier, more than two international tickets will only be issued if passengers outside Europe possess “personal identification card”.

They changed their minds

This means a double turn in two days: until Monday, the police did not release refugees registered in Hungary to the West. has already written about it that this is a normal procedure: in principle, everyone should wait in Hungary until the application is assessed – and those who do not have a valid passport and Schengen visa, they are not allowed to enter Austria.

The situation became untenable when word got around that Germany, in opposition to the provisions of the so-called Dublin Regulation, does not return Syrian refugees to the countries where they entered the EU. Moreover, the later refuted rumor has also spread that Germany would send trains for refugees. This news provoked the demonstrations of asylum seekers at the weekend: they demanded to let them go to Germany.

Then on Monday, the police suddenly disappeared from the train station and it seemed the Hungarian authorities followed the same path like the Greeks: they let the refugees go to the West. Nobody has given answer so far why this happened. Maybe it was a response to the Western criticism of the government. As if they sent a message by letting three thousand people go: “we can do it so, but you will not like it”. But it is possible the Hungarian authorities did not want to increase the tensions and launched the train, hit or miss.

Blurred phrases

Monday’s Hungarian measure led to some trouble in Austria. First, they stopped the train at the border, but later they let it go; according to the news, hundreds of refugees arrived in Vienna. The Austrians, however, tightened control of highways even on Monday, and they have other ideas too, such as the reintroduction of border control or military deployment. Werner Faymann, Chancellor of Austria publicly criticized Hungary for releasing the refugees, and he hinted that the Dublin Regulation was still in force, until it is replaced by a better.

The German Federal Government quickly backed up as well. Chancellor Angela Merkel said at her Monday’s press conference: an internal dispute led to the misunderstanding that all Syrians can go to Germany. “This, however, does not correspond to the legal situation and we have also said it to the Hungarian government – who are now struggling with the phenomenon that many Syrians say: let us to Germany finally”

According to, Merkel expressly praised Hungary that here – unlike in other countries – asylum seekers are fully registered. According to the Chancellor it is not true that one can differ from the application of the Dublin Regulation, since “there is no legal basis for this”. She did not answer, however, the question clearly that what happens when trains arrive from Hungary. Merkel just said: those who are arriving from civil war zones have a high rate of recognition, but this does not mean that it would be low elsewhere. “This is a European community, we should probably remind ourselves of this again – the Chancellor said.

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  1. Dear Hungarians,
    No one of the EU leaders is ready to help you . What they do is either blabla or
    changing their mind within seconds. Help yourselves by continue building the
    security fence and you will keep out the present chaotic policy of EU from Hungary.
    Wishing you the very best.

  2. The migrants have a great proportion of able bodied men. Many of them openly admit that they are avoiding being drafted into the army of their country in the Middle East. It is well known that the Iraqis ran away and gave up their arms to the ISIS and so they gave away their country. Now they would want to be resettled in Europe under disguise as Syrians. It can be further the case that the real Syrians do not want fight in Assad’s army. It is the general opinion that to defeat the ISIS a ground force is needed. Instead of running away and imposing themselves on Europe these young man ought to fight for freedom in their own country. Hungary fought for its freedom, and so did others. If they ran away there would be no Hungary. These young man should be trained, armed and made to go back to fight to liberate their country, The ground force should not be cowering in Europe. Where is the UN. Why can’t they make Assad come to the table to work out some kind of agreement. It cannot be that these factions in the Middle East fight each other, while they inundate their population to burden other Nations.

  3. The west will leave Hungary to the wolves, just as they did with the Turkish muslim invasion, the various peace treaty’s, the Iron Curtain. Forget the E.U. and leave it, it is the devil. Put the asylum seekers on trains headed to Belgium Switzerland and who ever else wants them.

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