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Hungary started the biggest armament for Hungarian Defence Forces – Photos & Video

Hungary started the biggest armament for Hungarian Defence Forces – Photos & Video

Eight cargo aeroplanes, thirty-six helicopters, forty-four modern combat cars and twenty-four mobile cannons are the newest equipment of the Hungarian Defence Forces which refresh their outdated and almost twenty-five years old technology which was used for fifty years.

Index reported that in 2020, the most modern Leopard 2 combats will arrive for the Defence Forces. With these new vehicles, Hungary will be the only country in the region with the most modern ones. The project – named after Miklós Zrínyi – which develops the Defence Forces’ installations costs approximately 3,500 billion HUF (11 million EUR).

In the middle of the 2000s, the Hungarian Defence Forces only had fifty old T-72 combats, and half of them could not be used. Although the military bought several new equipment and vehicles, it did not satisfy the needs of the Defence Forces.

Some Hungarian soldiers on military missions in Afghanistan and the Balcanic region even had to buy their own equipment from their money.

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It was also a difficult task for the military to build the fence on the southern border of Hungary. This time, PM Orbán emphasised several times that the missing equipment would soon be replaced and new ones would be bought. The prime minister added that these developments are urgent because of the growing problem of migration and terrorism in Europe and in the continent.

Border protection base of Hungarian Defence Forces completed

The decision about the Zrínyi project was born in 2016, and it is eager to find the solution for making up for the twenty-five years of outdating.

The Hungarian Defence Forces negotiated with the German Krauss-Maffei Industries and agreed on buying forty-four new vehicles, but the industry insisted on delivering these combats in 2020 as they are working on another project with Qatar at the moment. These vehicles with the most modern technology and equipment will mean fifty years of technological development for the military.

The Leopard 2 model is one of the most modern cannons in the world, and only Hungary will have the newest prototype. One Leopard 2 vehicle costs 2.5 billion HUF (7 million EUR).

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The outdated cannons of the military have been sold and have the oldest prototypes which need ten soldiers to control. The German industry will also deliver twenty-four mobile cannons as well, with a 56-kilometre range.

The Defence Forces bought eight cargo aeroplanes and thirty-six new helicopters. These new vehicles will be able to carry heavy cargo, equipment and twenty-eight soldiers as well.

Hungarian Defence Forces need forty new helicopters

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Moreover, Hungary will start to produce their own guns in Kiskunfélegyháza (Bács-Kiskun County) with the contribution of the Czech Ceská Zbrojovka Export Industries. The two countries signed a 100 million EUR contract already.

Besides the newest technology, it is also questionable whether the Hungarian Military Forces have enough soldiers. Currently, there are 26,753 registered soldiers, but until 2026, the government would like to increase this number to 37,000.

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