Solar power plant in Felsőzsolca
Solar power plant in Felsőzsolca

The biggest Hungarian solar power plant was built in Felsőzsolca, Borsod county (~7km from Miskolc). The solar panels can produce an amazing 20 GWh electricity annually, that means they cover an entire year’s power consumption of 10,000 households.

The complex was built by MVM Group’s investment, a national energy group which is planning to construct a similar sized solar power plant in Paks as well, according to Magyarepitok‘s article. The construction was funded 65% by MVM resources and 35% by EU resources, Origo reported earlier. The whole investment costs 9 billion HUF.

The video says that, only in 2018, the construction of more than 110 solar plant systems was launched by the energy group. 74,000 polycrystalline solar panels were installed in Felsőzsolca’s complex that produce the 20 Gigawatthour electricity in a year.

Featured image:Építők


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