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The famous Christmastime Hungaricum is essential for every Christmas season in Hungary. This is a Christmas delicacy that only exists in Hungary and can be found in every household during Christmas. It comes in many different flavours, and there are different brands we can choose from. But which one is the favourite in the country?

According to, Tesco Hungary revealed its szaloncukor statistics which showed the favourite flavour of szaloncukor in the country, and also which flavour was the most popular in each Hungarian county.

Tesco Hungary reported that last December, approximately 1,300,000 szaloncukors were sold in Hungary, and the country’s favourite flavour remains the chocolate-truffle szaloncukor. This amount of szaloncukor weighs approximately 1,300 tonnes.

Every year, 86% of the Hungarian nation buys szaloncukor for Christmas. An interesting fact is that Hungarian residents also buy szaloncukor after the Christmas season has ended and sometimes at the beginning of autumn, too, when it is on sale.


The second place is taken by seasonal and special flavours like chocolate-orange and raspberry-popping sugar. The third place is taken by the all-time classic jelly flavoured szaloncukor. The statistics also revealed that Hungarians do not get used to flavours easily, for example, to the coconut flavour which is at the end of the list of favourite szaloncukor flavours.

Hungarian residents usually buy more sweets than the average amount at the beginning of December. Szaloncukor is the most-purchased Christmas candy every year, and it is also used as Christmas tree decoration.

Besides szaloncukor, there are two other traditional Christmas sweets which break the record every year. This year, Hungarian residents bought approximately 435 tonnes of Santa Claus-shaped chocolate figures and 350,000 Advent Calendars.


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