Even though he already went to university in 1956 to study mathematics, he decided to apply to University of Pécs’s cultural mediation program at the age of 80. Eduline.hu presents Dr Ernő Harsányi, who passed his state exam on the 29th of June.

He talked very modestly about graduation and he didn’t go to his graduation ceremony because he thinks that it is too big of a hype, which is not something he likes. “I kind of tested myself whether or not I can enter the lists of youngsters. Thank God, I could!” said the 81-year-old graduate.

He could work in a museum with his new diploma, but he doesn’t want to work anymore. Besides his mathematician and mediator diploma, he also has certification of philosophy-logics and gerontology. In his diploma work, he wrote about the habits and life style of pensioners. He wanted to show through his studies that there are other ways for pensioners to spend their days than sitting on the couch and watching television.

It should be highlighted that he finished the two year training in one and a half years. He said that one isn’t nervous before exams at his age.

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